• Gas..ping for Air (Conditioning)

    Gas..ping for Air (Conditioning)

    New Air Conditioning services available at Auto Solutions workshop.

  • Spit and Polish, without the Spit

    Spit and Polish, without the Spit

    Just a brief example of our in house engine port and polishing services for engine rebuilds. If you require a port and or polish to your engine inlet / outlet ports, contact us at info@auto-Solutions.net Below, Before the works

  • Project AS-X – Build 1

    Project AS-X – Build 1

    A self-proclaimed Frankenstein’s Monster, this vehicle will certainly not be a fictional beast… With a blend of manufacturers all playing a part in this build, we’re┬áhoping to bring to life our very own monster! Project AS-X will be a Van, but ultimately a wolf in sheeps clothing. More will be unveiled as the build continues,